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Any questions you may have, we have the answers! If you have a question but don’t see it below, shoot us an e-mail here so we can answer it for you!


The Boho Glo Babes



  • What should I expect from my appointment?

    The appointment itself is very easy and relaxing! Upon your arrival there will be consent form that you will fill out, and the consultation will happen right after. After we wrap up the consult, you’ll lay down and will have eye pads placed on your lower lash line. You’ll close your eyes and take a “lash nap”, and relax.

  • Does it hurt?


  • What if I have a reaction?

    While reactions are not very common, they can happen. If you feel that during the application a reaction is happening, you must let us know immediately. We will stop the service and remove the lashes. Should you have a reaction after the appointment, call us ASAP! We will have you come in and do a complimentary removal.

  • How often should I get a fill?

    While you can go 3 weeks, depending on your retention, 2 weeks is the sweet spot! Exceeding 4 weeks is not ideal and typically requires a Full Set.


  • How do I prep for my appointment?

    Be sure to exfoliate or shave/wax/sugar and remove all unwanted hear and dead skin 12-24 hour prior to your appointment. For best results the day of, remove all makeup, body oils, deodorant (we know sorry!), lotions etc. These can create a barrier on the skin and cause your tan not to be seamless and perfect.

    **If you have extremely dry skin, you may apply a light lotion no more than 6 hours prior to your appointment.

  • What should I wear to my appointment?

    What ever your style is babe! However, we do recommend dark, loose clothing for your appointment. The bronzer will come off on clothing so it is less visible on darker colors. We do not recommend wearing jeans, yoga pants, a tight dress or anything constricting. For shoes, we find flip flops or slides to be ideal. In the event of rain, wear a full shoe!

  • Do I have to get naked?

    We are all for it if you’d like too! We ask that you get as naked as you feel comfortable. There is nothing we haven’t seen (LITERALLY!) and want to give you an amazing glo. No sense in paying for tan lines in your comfortable in the buff <3

  • Can I get a glo if I’m under 18?

    Totally! Our solutions and products are safe for everyone and all ages. WE just ask that you bring a parent/guardian to complete the required consent forms for your appointment.

  • How long will my glo last?

    Our glo last anywhere from 7-10 days. The more you moisturize your skin the longer your tan can last.